Samuel Menezes UX/Product Designer

Hey! I’m Sam, a Product Designer with over ten years of experience in the world of banking, B2B, and B2C. Most recently (2015), I became Head of UX at ComparaOnline in Chile.

Before that, I worked at Ci&T, Buscapé, and PayPal.

My work catalog covers a wide range of categories, and I am comfortable in designing for any kind of device.

From a skill set perspective, I am adept at both UX and Visual Design. Also, I have worked on projects using the agile methodology and how it applies to design.

My degree in Computer Science allows me to communicate well with the development team I partner with during the design process.

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Transparent Checkout | PayPal


Designed a transparent checkout flow (PayPal Plus) for Brazilian PayPal merchants.

Basically, PayPal Plus allows you to purchase via PP as a guest. It also lets you add cards and keep them for future purchases. This solution is widely used in many stores across the country.

Fueling | PayPal

Concept + Wireframes

Worked with an oil company to deliver some wireframes to their new mobile application and also helped creating a concept to pay the gas within the app but with the device still in your pocket, the Pit Stop project.

Take a look at the suggestion on how to represent the fueling process to the customer.

Car Insurance form | ComparaOnline

Research + UX

To increase conversion, we conducted a research aimed at creating a form with better usability. The result was a transformation of the form from a large quote to a ‘one question per page’ which minimized cognitive load during the experience.

A dashboard was created to listen to each field so we could understand where people usually left the form.

Conversion increased by 14%.

Portal Telemedicina

Wireframes + UX + UI

This freelance work gave me the opportunity to redesign a platform that offers medical reports reviewed and signed remotely by doctors around Brazil.

I helped the founders not only improve the visual presentation of their product, but also increase user engagement through a smoother experience. In addition, I proactively proposed new ideas and concepts.

Project is still under NDA but you can view the login screen.

iOS and Android Apps | Buscapé

Wireframes + UX + UI

Re-designed Android and iOS apps (2012-2014) for the biggest comparison shopping in Latin America.

To date, most of the layout, features and architecture I designed continues to be in use.

Rating: iOS (4.8) / Android (4.5).


Wireframes + UX + UI

Helped with the project ideation, working together with the founder and technical team to define MVP features and user experience.

Acquisition happened less than six months after the app was launched!

See the process / Try the prototype

Side Projects

La Flor Brigaderia | My real product

Business Plan + Research + Photography + Delivery…

Moving to Santiago inspired us to bring (and sell) one of the best candies in Brazil: Brigadeiro!

We formed focus groups to test different recipes and asked them to answer a form similar to that of Quirky. The test results enabled us to define price, target and occasions/holidays to promote a product Chileans didn’t know about. Follow La Flor Brigaderia on Instagram for more details.

Zen Inspiration | App

concept + design + photography

Created from the scratch, Zen Inspiration is an app where you can upload your drawings, get inspired by other painters, and receive new drawings in your inbox every week.

Photography | hobby

Check out my photographs on these platforms: Flickr, personal profile on Instagram, and Partiu Chile (for great food in Chile).

Say Hello!

I'm part of Google Experts Program, so feel free to get in contact and ask for UX/app reviews, Design Sprints or mentoring in UX :-)